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Thank you for registering for the Student Matinee Series! An OPA staff member will be contacting you soon.

1. Select Tickets

Number of Student tickets requested – $4 each
(Don’t forget, it’s easier to cancel tickets than add tickets later.)

Number of Adult tickets requested – 1 free adult ticket for every 15 students.
Additional adult tickets are $10 each.

2. Group Information (All information is required.)

3. Accommodations & Financial Assistance

Bus and ticket subsidies are offered to defray the costs of student tickets and bus transportation to Student Matinee Series shows. They are distributed based on need and availability.

Both subsidies (Ticket Subsidy and Bus Reimbursement Subsidy) will be awarded on a percentage of total cost (25%-100%). Ticket subsidies will be administered in the form of reduced or waived ticket prices. Bus subsidies will be administered in the form of a reimbursement check AFTER the event. Each school is responsible for arranging their own transportation AND for full payment to the bus service provider. To receive the bus subsidy reimbursement, you must provide a copy of the bus/transportation invoice. Estimates are not sufficient. All invoices and paperwork must be received no later than 60 days following the performance to receive reimbursement. Bus subsidies can only be made payable to schools, PTA’s or PTO’s.

4. School Demographics

Respond with "unknown" if you are not collecting this information.
Participant Agreement and Payment

You will receive a Participant Agreement via email two to four weeks after requesting tickets.

The Participant Agreement must be signed and returned to Omaha Performing Arts no later than 10 days before the performance. If payment is due, it must be sent with the Participant Agreement.