Question about HAMILTON? Check the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

Will the original cast perform in the tour coming to Omaha?
Can I buy HAMILTON tickets now?
Do I need to purchase my subscription now to secure seats?
When can I buy a ticket to just HAMILTON?
My group wants to order tickets for HAMILTON. How can we do that?
What are HAMILTON tickets going to cost?
Will you be hosting a school matinee program like New York does?
I see tickets for sale at StubHub, and other third party sites. Why can’t I buy them through Ticket Omaha?
Will there be a limit on the number of tickets I can purchase to HAMILTON?

Subscription FAQ

Question about 2018/2019 Subscription packages? Check the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

Can you purchase a subscription at the Ticket Omaha Box Office?
Do I avoid any of the fees if I renew my Broadway season in person at the box office, similar to buying individual tickets in person? Or is my season the same price in person and online?
I am renewing. Must I keep the same seats?
I'm renewing my subscription. What if I can't attend one of the shows in the season?
Can I add additional packages to my subscription?